Brian Ramsey
drums, keys, backing vocals
Brian began playing drums back in the 70s at the early age of five. The love of music blossomed and he started playing in the school band and continued playing all the way through high school. During high school Brian played with multiple garage bands until meeting up with the band Nuthin Fancy. As his first band in which he actually got paid they made the scenes playing in senior centers and old time dances. Later Brian actually played his way through college with The Almost Country Band and Quicksilver. Soon after leaving Quicksilver, Brian met up with another founding member of The Konnection, Dewey Young. They would play together in the band Saltee Dawg with  original Konnection bassist Doug Bass through the late 1990s. After Saltee Dawg, Brian and Dewey met up with keyboard player and singer, Fred Donn and lead singer Mike Brooks to form The Konnection. The rest is history.